New Shoulder Straps

March 11, 2023

I was looking at the straps on the Scandalli and though they were not the ones that were on it when the accordion passed on to my aunt, the ones that are on it are a bit old and tattered thanks to using an old style metal hook backstrap and cloth shoulder straps.

But… I had a plan!

I reached out to Keith from Anderson’s Accordions and asked if he had some nice wide straps in stock, he briefly mentioned what he had in stock and I asked if he could send me a pic or two, which he did. The challenge was that though the straps he showed me were nice, they were leather/velvet, and I wanted all leather and 4″ straps.

I asked if he had that set in all leather, which he said he did not, but would see if he could order them. I wanted the all leather 4 inch (10 cm) size and so arrangements to send them to me were made as soon as he ordered and received them. Nice!

But wait… you may be thinking why do I need 4″ wide straps for my Scandalli? Well, technically I do not, but I like them but I would not be using these specific straps on the Scandalli, as this is a chance to upgrade my #2 accordion (the Imperator) and the Scandalli in one shot.

These new 4″ all leather straps will go to my Hohner Imperator, and it’s current but still quite new 4″ leather/velvet straps from the Imperator go to the Scandalli… a kind of musical chairs but with accordion shoulder straps!

Update: June 15, 2023

After I got my Beltuna, I needed another set of 4″ wide leather straps, and Keith was more than happy to provide me with another set, and so I now had a collection where all my prime accordions would have great straps.

  • My Beltuna has 4″ wide leather straps
  • The velvet 4″ wide straps in the Scandalli
  • The 3″ Beltuna straps may go to my little FB-36 Free Bass

This makes playing these accordions more comfortable, more supportive and more fun!