Mild to Wild!

April 3, 2018

Mild to Wild is hereā€¦ whoo-hooo!!

Welcome to my home-made educational series for the Roland FR-8X .  On this page is where I am going to centralize all the videos in this series!

Video #1

In this video, we:

  • discuss a little history
  • go over the basics
  • describe the 3 parts of the accordion
  • show how to charge the accordion
  • go in to minor detail about the front panel controls
  • hear the sounds of all registers from Set 001 Concerto on both left and right hands

Video #2

In this video, we discuss:

  • A small warning
  • Sound Setup
  • The Main Display
  • Theory – Right hand Sound Selector
  • Theory – Left hand Sound Selector
  • Real Life – Right Hand Sound Selector
  • Real Life – Left Hand Sound Selector
  • Fun Time! – Guantanamera

Video #3

Still being worked on!

Ultimate Wireless V-accordion Guide

Ultimate Wireless V-accordion Guide – UPDATE

Cellphones + Audio Interface

Tiny update: I’ve purchased a small USB-C to MINI-USB cable that connects directly from the phone to the Zoom F4 and now I don’t even need to use the Apple adapter anymore!

Roland FR-8X – Backup you SETS and UPG’s

Mac M1 and the Roland FR-8X Editor

Ultimate Musician’s Guide to Streaming to Zoom in stereo (PART1)

Ultimate Musician’s Guide to Streaming to Zoom in stereo (PART2)

Fast and Easy setup of the BK-7m to the FR-8x

I’ll update this page as I create more.