Needed more shelves!

June 1, 2023

With the addition of the last 2 accordions, I came to the realization that I could not properly shelve them, so today I bought a 2nd shelf of the same make/model. Getting the shelf this time was a LOT easier as we had the help of my sister and her Jeep to make it near effortless in comparison to the first time.

Now after I bought the 1st one, I never thought I would need more storage, but life has a way of surprising us and so… another shelf was bought.

I really like these racks. They are very strong and easy to assemble, just take your time and think things through a little. And yes, with a 1,000 pound capacity, they are complete overkill but they are really nice, super solid and since they are adjustable, perfect for my use.

At the time of this entry, we are in a really busy time in life and getting ready to do some travelling and all, PLUS I would need to (again) redesign the basement, at least a bit, to make room for this 2nd shelf, so getting this one all assembled and in place is going to take a little time.

No worries, this, this post is definitely going to be a multi-entry post!

Addendum June 4, 2023

Just came back from a trip and because it is a bit challenging to lug a 120lb box by myself, I took the time to open the box on the main floor and in sections, carried the individual parts down to my basement. I then moved some things around to make sure I had the room to build and place the shelf in the area I wanted.

Addendum June 6, 2023

Just tossed together the 2nd shelf as I’m in between tasks on my day off, but this can be called phase 1 of the 2nd shelf… looking good, but lots of basement re-arranging is going to be needed because of this!

This one took me all of 20 minutes to assemble… a nice improvement over the approximate 1 hour for the first one… experience is a gift to be enjoyed!

Just threw up the accordions on real fast to get an idea for placement. I may do some changing around, but it just looks really good and I am happy with the results!

Check back again as there is more to come later!