Beltuna Video!

July 12, 2023

Finally got the time to make a video using the new Beltuna Leader V. It was fun!

I also made a “Just the song” video for those that did not want to listen to me chin-wag. 🙂

Now, something that I really liked was that, if you notice, I am NOT wearing any earphones or headset. Normally, if you record an acoustic accordion and need to hear a backing track, you must wear earphones or headphones so that the sound doesn’t “bleed” in to the soundtrack of the accordion. I was using the integrated mics of the Beltuna and I discovered a really cool trait in that they picked up the accordion beautifully and did not “hear” much of any outside noise. This let me listen to the backing track that I had made over the speakers and play along with it and as I was playing along with it, I was capturing the output of the mics in to my DAW without “polluting” it with the sound from the stereo speakers… the results were pretty sweet!