The Gola is back!

January 1, 2024

Well, the text from Keith came in that the Gola was ready, so I arranged with him that I would be there around 11:00am on December 30th. On Saturday the 30th, I sat in my car at 3:00am with the goal of driving to Burlington Ontario and back to Montreal on the same day. All said and done, I ended up doing just that and tackling the 1300 kilometres in about 15 hours. That’s a new personal best considering that I faced some bad traffic in Toronto… pretty much like always.

This time the trip was made alone and the weather was very accommodating. With the exception of 3 minor flurries that lasted a few minutes each time, the roads were clean and dry all the way there and back.

Of course I stopped to pay respects at the Burlington cemetery and right after that I filled the gas tank and sped off to Anderson’s Accordion location to pay for and pick up my Gola. That was completed quite fast and Keith did his usual AWESOME work, it was beautiful. Right after that I jumped in the car and the next stop was the parking spot in my driveway.

The drive there and back was very kind to me and seemed to have passed fairly painlessly. When I got home, I had to pull it out of the car and place it on the couch, place some fingerprints on it and just admire it.

An amazing accordion, I am so blessed and acknowledge that every time I look at it!