Recording From Cell Phone

October 11, 2020

Can it be done?

Let’s find out!!

I saw people making recordings on their cell phones, and while the results were ok, they were not good from the point of view of the sound. It was easy to hear the ambient sounds… cars, your dog, the radio, the neighbor next door cutting his grass… all there.

So is there a super cheap way to capture good audio from your V-Accordion on the cellphone while getting good video, and using not much more than just your phone? There sure is, but there are a couple of caveats.

The sound is going to be captured in MONO.
Your cellphone has to have a mic jack input
Making a cable that connects to your cellphone is really easy… all one needs is an old mic cable with the 1/4″ jack on one end, and a 4-connector cellphone mic connector jack on the other side. Once done it is easy to put the cell on a stick or stand and you play with 100% ambient sound removed and nothing but your accordion is captured in all it’s glory!

Want to know how? Check out this quick video!