My First Video

April 2, 2017

So this it, my absolute first accordion video, and it is a first on many levels… first, it is the first music video I have made since I returned to the accordion, it’s the first real video I made here, and it is the first video I made using my new video lights and finally, it is the first video that I tried to make and do a little more seriously, meaning, the video quality and concept had to be a bit better than I ever made.

I think I succeeded, but I wasn’t really even planning on making this video today, I was actually just trying to get to better know the Richard Noel sets, and then I hit this sweet registration of an Argentinian bandoneon and this song just rolled off the keyboard and sounded so good to my ears that I was inspired to set up the studio and record it. 

As I was playing through the song, I decided to make a unique beginning to it, making it look and sound like an old record, and then fading in the better sound quality and clean colour back.  Well, I did not have to work too hard at it (the song was easy to play) and start to finish, it took me a reasonable 3 hours to record, adjust colours and sound in post and output two versions (1080p and 720p) and upload to YouTube.  I had FUN today!  🙂

Addendum :  April 29, 2017
A few people (ok… ONE person), thought my novel video intro was some kind of error, so perhaps it was not clear enough that this was an intended effect.  Instead of removing it, I made it even MORE obvious and at the same time it gave me the time to make a few tweaks to the video as well.  This time I added even more grain to the intro, more scratch lines to make it look older and more “vintage” and made the sound less “nasal”.  I also tweaked the colour balance, sharpened up the entire video a touch more, added a slight vignette and increased the bass levels slightly so it was a touch more pronounced (I know that this is totally the wrong way to do it, we want to do that in the initial recording or in the audio software, not the video software and certainly not afterwards in post if you can avoid it, but we’ll let it go this time).  This video is not visible ANYWHERE except here, as it is an unlisted video, so if you go to my channel, you won’t see it…   Here is how that came out: