La Paloma

January 11, 2023

Yay, my first music video of 2023!

OK, its not a hard song or anything, but I had plenty of little victories that I am celebrating with this little video:

  • Best quality green screen ever for me!
  • Best quality colour grade to date (that is going to improve too!)
  • First video I made with the remote snake/setup in to my Mackie FireWire mixer
  • First multi-track I’ve made in a LONG time

I had a great time making it and it was fairly fast and easy. I recorded everything on Reaper in about 12 tracks, did some fast sound post processing then spent about 2 hours on the video bringing it all together in DaVinci Resolve Studio. The video was done in one take and the audio was done in 4 takes. Man, recording audio only sure is easy and fast!

All those hours of playing and futzing in DaVinci Resolve and Reaper are finally starting to show, because it was fast and painless compared to my efforts from the past, and the results, honestly impress me. I really started getting a bit more comfy in Davinci Resolve’s FUSION page:

In the past, I’ve avoided Fusion because it was very heavy for the computer to lug through. With the new computer, it is a lot easier but still intense… but the results are just undeniable!

The video was exported twice, with and without accompaniment. I made one video with both versions together for the accordion forum club. The video posted below is just the final multi-track video for my YouTube channel.

OK, here is the video… ENJOY!

A little easter egg… I purposely did NOT wear shoes and even turned up the pant cuffs of my jeans, and it’s clearly visible at the start of the video. It’s just a joke, because my friend Ed once complained that I made a tech video in my socks… well, here is another one, Ed! 😀 😀

My one challenge with this video were my hands/wrists. I had a good amount of pain while playing that just did not want to go away. Oh well, a foreshadow of of the future I guess. 🙂

ADDENDUM January 16, 2023

Yeah… I am not completely happy with the final way that I mixed this song. I’ll leave the La Paloma video on YouTube, but I think that I will work on it a little more, then post it here in this post at a later time.

I am finding that I feel that the volumes of the organ and xylophone sounds are a bit too low and the accordion a touch too high and I am also not loving the overall EQ. I also feel that there could be a bit more contrast in the video.

Let me be clear, the video is good enough for where I placed it… I just am finding things I could improve on, even though all those changes are really really minor… I am just letting me be me and nit-picking. 🙂

Maybe this weekend I will make the minor improvements as I like and post it here in this blog post just for me. 🙂