Ready to make some music!

January 09, 2023

Happy Near Year!!

This is the first NEW post for me in 2023 (I’ve done a couple updates on older posts this week), may it be the first of MANY.

I’ve been trying to slowly get my setup completed to the point that I can actually begin using it, and that has finally come to fruition.

Perfect timing because the Accordion Club came up with a nice idea that I kind of half volunteered for to make a video with a song that is VERY easy to play accompaniment to. I decided that the easiest song that I knew was “La Paloma” in a smooth easy Beguine tempo, so I took a few minutes to find and document the registrations on the 8X that I liked. I know this song by heart so it won’t be hard at all to record, BUT again, me being me, I am looking for ways to take my videos to the next level (that’s Jerry-speak for “uh-oh, I’m going to make things hard for me again… aren’t I?”… haha!).

I’ve spent some time working on that remote snake and setting up things to make the recording process easier for a one-man-show.

Matter of fact, I basically control it all from my playing position because the iPad sits in a holder tilted to me that controls my Panasonic GH5s camera so I can start and stop the camera from this position, so basically all the controls are very close to me now… I love it!

I spent a few hours today optimizing and playing with lighting setups, camera settings and working things from this position so that basically all I do tomorrow is run through the song a couple times to refresh it in my head and record it in one shot. I also worked on several video camera test shots of the new setup to get a clean green screen effect… I think I have that recipe close to perfect!

THEN comes the time to make those recordings.

I am really looking forward to making a bit of a multi-track recording, though I am not sure of what addition or accompanying instruments will be added yet, but I am thinking something along the lines of accordion (of course), guitar, trumpets or possibly xylophone or similar. We will see what I can dream up tomorrow.

The fun part for me is that it is going to be completely off the cuff, nothing really hard rehearsed and basically just have some fun… looking forward to it!

More to come in the next post!