It’s Happened!

May 29, 2023

Something that was broken within me is now fixed. 🙂

I’ve been looking to rekindle the spark for quite a while, and I was pushing so hard to find ways to make the time to play… and so I found it by re-arranging my work schedule, by getting up earlier, staying up later, but the practice and musical growth that I desired still wasn’t coming due to one reason… having time is important, without it you cannot do anything, but you have to REALLY WANT it.

Well, perhaps I did want it, but apparently not enough, because I did what was necessary to try to free up some time, but it was easy to accept the challenges that life tossed my way to steal that precious “accordion time” back.

Then I went to Florida and re-connected with Ed and a few weeks later I went to Canaan and re-connected with Paul too and at that time, maybe I saw the sparkle in my mom’s eyes as I played in public.

I felt rejuvenated and motivated.

I’ve not felt so good in such a long time, not felt the desire to wear an accordion, to play, to practice as much as I want to this instant. It’s been a long while since I felt like this too.

The feeling is akin to having re-discovered an old close friend and really wanting to spend time re-acquainting again. Yes, it is definitely time that the accordion and I get friendly with each other and I’m actually EXCITED!

While on breaks from work, I take the time to plan goals and lunch times are divided in to short eating times and take as many minutes as I can to make a few runs through some exercises and enjoy them.

I think what really helped were a few days off work, to decompress, to take a nice deep stress-free breath of fresh air and kind of re-center.

Yesterday, I placed an accordion upstairs near my upstairs computer and have accordions at the ready in the basement, just for those times that I want to run through a song or scale… and I place EVERYTHING that I want to play or hear or work with on the iPad now and that carries easily enough anywhere I need it.

I’ve rediscovered my musical mojo… what I don’t know is for how long, so I’ll enjoy it for as long as it wants to last… a day, month, year, decade or for hopefully the rest of my life.

It is now my turn to enJOY! 🙂