Have You Ever Been Lonely

July 22nd, 2018

Wow, something that I never thought I would ever do… a country piece!  Let me tell you how this came out.  🙂

Last week, my sister mentioned to me that there was a beer festival here in Montreal and I thought it would be a great place to spend a day… drinking beer, some good food, family… great idea!  So my mother and I decided to attend, and we brought along my aunt too.

Now how does this figure in to the making of this video?  Well, at that very beer festival, it was a very hot day and when we all got there, it was quite brutal.  Me being the smart one, told everyone to bring and wear sunglasses and hats.  My mom being smarter, brought along a nice umbrella, perfect for blocking the sun’s heat and bright rays.  I… was not so smart.  Yes, I had glasses and a hat, but I forgot them in the car.  My aunt took note of this, and as luck had it, there was a hat vendor at the beer festival, so she told me to pick one and she would get it for me as a gift.  I don’t know what came over me, but I picked up a cowboy hat.  I think I chose it because it was wider and thought it would offer more protection.  Anyways, that is how I got the hat, and though I normally do not look good in hats, I think I rocked that cowboy look quite well!

A couple days later, my mom said that she just recalled that she had some eagle feathers made for cowboy hats that she bought while her and dad were in the USA… oh some 40+ years ago.  Really?  Ok, let’s see them!  Turned out they looked good, so my mother and I did a tag-team DIY job and installed the feathers on my hat.  Man, they look good, and quite similar to the look that Richard Petty has when he wears his!

Ok, so that explains the hat and as I was modeling it for my mom, she suggested that I should do a “cowboy song” on the accordion and use the hat for some added fun… I said ok, and that is how I was convinced in to not only wearing a cowboy hat, but doing so while playing a country song!  Today, I pulled out the music to this piece, played it for about an hour and recorded it.

I am going to say it again… using the Zoom F4 just makes the music sound so clean and good, this has to be one of the best recorders around, and its not even strictly made for musical use!  Again, this video came out in a couple of hours, most of the work caused by doing the green screen effect of the background.  Gotta have a western feel while wearing a western hat, right?

Oh… I suppose you want to see the video now, huh?  Well okie-dokie “pardner”, here it is!

I had a great time doing it, and think I just might do one more sometimes soon.