July 7, 2018

In response to a question from a forum user on my favorite accordion forum, about what are fills and how are they done on accordions, I made this short video.  I think that every time I make a video, serious or not, I try and learn something new.  Another thing is that I find it pleasurable making these videos, though in this case, I just used it mostly as an excuse to pick up my Hohner Morino VI N which I have not touched in months, and any reason to play is always a good one!

Anyways, here is that video:

In talking about fills, here I am speaking very generally.  Fills are most often used when playing in a group and your music accentuates others, however the can also be used when playing alone AND on top of that, don’t forget that as accordionists, we use TWO hands, so fills can come from either the right or left side