FireWire, INT vs EXT

Oct 19, 2022

FireWire, a technologies designed to steam huge amounts of data over extended periods of time. IMHO still superior to USB of today. While USB 2.0 and higher transfer #’s are higher than FW, that only counts for short bursts. Initially USB wins each time. The issue is that most of my music is longer than 3 seconds in duration and that is where FW not just catches up, but trounces USB like no one’s business.

I wish that this technology was still available. In my older Dell PC, it had integrated FW technology built right in to the motherboard, and that made recording SO stable, so fast and convenient. I could use practically unlimited numbers of plug-ins or use the Mackie 1640i mixer as a live mixer and have the PC handle all the effects that I wanted on a PER CHANNEL basis and the latency was so low you could never come close to hearing it.

I made a video about how FW is handled on my new and old Windows computers, both way faster and more capable than all but the most ultra-high end Apple technology that have 5+ digit prices.

I love these kinds of videos, reminds me that the latest and greatest is not always mandatory or that the advance of technology is not always the best. It also makes me feel good that I saw this initially with my Mackie mixer and reminds me why it is going to be with me for a really long time.