Custom Microphone System

October 21, 2016

I am such a dreamer sometimes!

This time, I am officially jumping off the deep end even thinking about such a project.  I am wondering if I could somehow, all by myself, make a sonically high quality microphone setup for my Hohner that comes close to being as good as the HATools system, of course for a lot less.  They wanted to charge me 750EUR or just under $1100CAD.  If I set a budget of let’s say under $200, is something like this even remotely possible?  I’d like to think so!

It started yesterday when I saw one small YouTube video about how to make an electret mic and power it:

I then noticed that HATools used similar mics in their setup which is basically this setup repeated 10 times on the treble side.  Here is this video:

These two videos showe me a few things.

1. The 6 things needed are a 9-volt battery, an electret mic, a capacitor, a resistor, an IC board that holds the hardware and an amplification board.

2. How to wire this all up (kind of… I still have a few questions which I will ask later).

3.  That the parts are available for reasonable costs from Asia.

So here are my thoughts.  Sometime in the future I am going to order enough electret mics to make my “super system”.  That means that I might want to “one-up” the best I see online (HATools has a 10+8 system), so I am thinking how about a 20+10 or a 30+20 setup, meaning a 20-30 mics for the treble side and 10-20 mics for the bass side!  Just going nuts because if 10 is good, 30 has got to be great… lol

This page and this project are a work in process.  More to come in the future!

Addendum: June 27, 2017

Well, here is a small tidbit of info that came from JimD, contributor and all-round super knowledgeable guy from the accordion forum and the guy that that I bought some bass-buttons and the bass vibration mod stuff from:

JIM D. wrote: Now if your accordion output jack is wired to accept phantom power you can eliminate the battery and plug into a mixer or amp with phantom power

What a great idea!