Beer Barrel Polka a la Jerry!

April 6, 2020

Well, this song came about as the result of an inspiration from the accordion forum, but I had wanted to make this video a long while back.

This video is different in several ways:

The first and most obvious is the format of the video. This 16:9 format is great for playing on TVs and widescreen computer monitors, but it sucks for being able to fill in a frame with someone playing accordion. I made the video file friendly for my needs, meaning its closer to a 4:3 format than 16:9.

I made the audio from this video differently than I ever had in the past, in that I recorded 3 tracks (one voice, two for the stereo output of the accordion), straight in to the stereo line in of the GH5s camera via the QSC TouchMix 8 digital mixer, and it came out pretty well!

The final way that it’s different… the ending of the song! I wanted to inject a little comedy in to the piece, and so I modified it to a somewhat classical “Straussian” ending! 🙂

I had a lot of fun and learned a lot, like I always do, from the making of this video.