Accordion Club Meet #2

November 16, 2016

My mother and I went again this month to the accordion meet.  This time there were fewer people because construction around the area was atrocious.  It took us nearly an hour longer to get to the location because we had to wade through construction areas, waiting long periods of time and when we got there, it was nearly an hour after the event started.

The construction definitely had an affect on attendance, as there were quite a few less people, however, the music was good, the food was nice and we again had some fun.

Center stage was again taken by our two piece country group, but there were a couple more accordionists in attendance today.  Of note was one nice gentleman called Luciano, his accordion was a borrowed one, but it was obvious this man had some serious musical skills  I had a chance to talk to him briefly, and his accordion of choice is a Vignoni (with converter).  Nice!  Of course, it would not be a meeting without the president Jean-Pierre Attore taking the time to entertain the group with his musical acumen!

We’ve committed to come to the Christmas event on December 10th, and if I feel ready, that’s where I might participate and play in public for the first time in many, many decades!  🙂

Time will tell!