We’re back!

September 26, 2022

Wow, what a crappy few months we’ve had over at Accordion Memories!

In early April 2022, I lose the computer/website and research recovery methods and tried to find people that could help recover things with me.

No… such… luck.

Basically after waiting for people to get back to me over and over (and then just go silent on me), I had to slowly learn how to hack in to one of the raw SQL files and find the basic text of every post since the start, then try to extract all the data manually.

Say it with me… “super time consuming”!

After that, I have to find every picture and video and basically recreate every post one at a time… but not until going through each post and removing all the code that was graciously wound around and through everything.

The result? We SLOWLY came back.

Needing to complete the processes for each post and find the dates and times that each post was made so I could recreate the story in proper chronological order was incredibly time consuming.

Wish I was a programmer, but I am not so I do it the best way I can… but, thank God, at least I *can* get it back, but it will just take a lot of time and effort. Please bear with me as I slowly rebuild my site back to where it was.

The site went down on April 9, 2022… and is back to the date that it went down on… the date?

September 26, 2022!

We were down over ***5*** MONTHS!!!

It was brutal, but FINALLY I can pickup and start from where it dropped, becuase in that 5 months, though I was not able to post here… my memories were still happening, still being made!


Well, now that we are back, those memories that I made during that time are added here and we can move on to the future. I am so happy to have this site back up and running… rest assured that something like this should never again repeat itself!