The Czech Series – Chodouňská

January 27, 2024

The fist video in this series, and I am happy to make this post. This video took me longer than normal to complete and in the end, surprisingly it was my 2nd attempt that I decided to keep, so that was a nice little surprise!

So, here it is, as is… imperfect, but done with fun and pleasure.

Accordion used: Scandalli Brevette

Song: Chodouňská – Polka

Written by Josef Poncar. Poncar was a Czech composer born March 14, 1902 – died November 6, 1986

The video format is a square (1:1 format), which is unique from the standard of a 16:9 format. I did this because I wanted to crop out the parts of the layout that I did not want in the video, and in the ended it just ended up being a square video. A little different, but I like the fact that I can display my accordion shelf.