Special PDF Files

April 17, 2016

I’ve found a few documents that are pertinent to my site here that I wished to add.  I have scans of factory original brochures that are year specific to my Hohner accordion.  I also have a scan of one of the programs from the group I used to play with (Les Accordionistes), all converted to PDF format for the preservation of my memories.

To me these are special little documents.  In the case of the Hohner brochures, these are the very catalogs that my parents and I used to initially research Hohner Free Bass accordions.  These are all time period correct documents of my Hohner Morino VI N.

The scan of the musical program is something that is simply impossible to recreate if ever lost, because there were perhaps no more than a hundred or so of them made back in 1974, only for the promotion of this one special concert event.  These were handed out at the concert location to the patrons to follow along with.  The main reason it bears such importance to me is because of the photo on the front.  It shows me at the “front of the pack”, little 13-year old boy with one huge accordion wrapped close to the body.  One can tell that this is a “pre-internet” program, just note how the original was made using a typewriter and how the corrections were handled with a pen before being photocopied on sheets of blue paper.

What memories!

Early 1974:  Here, a cropped close-up of a portion of the program’s front page that shows “mini-me” holding the “monster” accordion.  Click on the pic to open the PDF file in a new tab.  You must have a program compatible with PDF documents, else you cannot read it.  Yeah, that’s really me on the left side of the photo below.

The German brochure of the Hohner line as of February 1973.  Photos and some specs of the Morino VI N are on page 13 and another photo is on page 22.  On that page are also the style of electret microphones installed in my accordion.  Traditionally, only one was installed and needed, however on my accordion, I have two, a backup built into the left handed side of the accordion just in case the first one ever failed.

This blue brochure is in English and was made for Canadian customers.  This document holds the specs of my Hohner Morino VI N accordion on the back page cover, where it belongs, right next to the Gola!

This little mini-brochure was in the middle of the green one below, a small add-in on basically how to properly place your accordion in it’s case.

This green brochure is a 52-page document that displays a lot more of the range of the Hohner instrument line including harmonicas, organs, amplifiers and other “wind” instruments!  My Hohner is on page 23 in this brochure!

December 23, 2016

Well, a little surprise… I was digging around in my old paperwork and realized that I had not included these two little gems of information!   One is a 24-page 1977 Hohner sales brochure (my Hohner Morino VI N is on page 9 there!), and the other is a 1978 pricelist from a Hohner dealer in Rosenheim Germany (a mere 393km from Hohner’s home base at Trossingen!).

An interesting game… in 1978 my Morino VI N is listed at 7,400 German Marks.  Since I have no life, I wasted 3 minutes finding out what 1977 German currency comes out to in 2017 Canadian dollars, and that figure is around $19,500CDN!!  Anyways… enjoy these 2 new documents!