Recording the Accordion #3

July 9, 2017

In this post, I look at what it takes to record the accordion both from the viewpoint of the hardware needed, a few techniques and at doing something a little different. 

I’ve divided up this 26+ minute (yeah, though it’s pretty long, if I wanted to add everything that I would want, it would be over 10 hours!), in to 6 sections:

Capturing the sound from the accordion
In to the computer
Recording software
The final audio

There really is so much that I left out, like how to set up the hardware in even greater detail, how to set up and use the software (that of itself a near impossible task in one video, as on just this alone, Reaper has created something like 32+ videos!), how to post process and how to create that audio file and more setup tips and tricks. 

I didn’t even TOUCH multi-tracking other than to show it at the end!  I feel this was a valiant effort to try to cover a process a huge process that others have tried to write entire books about and often failed themselves.  To try to cover this in 26+ minutes… sheer braggadocio on my part… lol

Anyways, for whatever it is worth, this is the culmination of about 16 hours of work to make.