February 6, 2024

Clumsy me… today I was working on a clamp that would be a more effective way to hold my Blackmagic Video Assist on the same tripod as the camera instead of using 2 tripods. While working on them, I managed to crush more than half of the flesh on the finger pad, moving to a nice deep cut the middle finger of the right hand about a half inch wide. Fingers bleed a lot and there are a lot of nerve endings on the tip of fingers, so it hurts like crazy.

Well I had to get it taken care of 2 times as the first time the bandage was big, clumsy and I could not type. Of course I did manage to bang the finger tip several times and bleed on my work keyboard a bit, so cleaned it up and then went to have it taken care of again.

The second bandage is smaller bit it has had some time to seal the cut a bit so hopefully the healing process is taken care of ASAP.

What a stupid placed cut, it effectively eliminated any chance of me playing accordion until it heals… no way I want to bleed over my Gola, right? I am disappointed, and the damn thing hurts way more than it should and stops me from being able to practice, at least on the right hand!

The lesson here? Be more freaking careful! Lesson learned.