Yearly Pilgrimage to the NEAC

July 11, 2022

The name of this post is a little deceiving. The last time I had the immense pleasure of seeing Paul was over 3 years ago… before the USA had closed it’s borders to a world on the verge of a covid induced pandemic panic. The world has sure changed in the last few years!

During that time, Paul’s museum grew and evolved and even changed locations… moving from the smaller confines of his house and garage to a much larger and beautiful commercial location… a place where people are greater in number and more people can take advantage of all the benefits that this most special place offers.

We did stay in touch and the promise made that as soon as the borders were open, that I would come over and we would make another nice video together.

April 15, 2022 came and gave us the news that the USA had opened it’s borders, but going there was now not the issue, but coming back to Canada meant a whole bunch of things had to be in place to be able to get back in to Canada. Before committing, I had to make a few test runs across the border for short jaunts and test things out. The tests were successful, and so plans were set in place and we were all giddy with excitement that it would FINALLY happen!

The day came, we visited and Paul’s hospitality extended to way above and beyond… we even shared a meal at his home.

Oh… the video? sure, here it is! 🙂

I cannot thank thank Paul enough for his kindness, his generosity and for of course his dedication to preserving and telling the world that the accordion is indeed a very important part of even today’s world!