“Me Time” now near all gone

December 9, 2023

Well my free time is again severely constrained. The little time that I had between campaigns at work is now again replaced by starting in a new campaign. There is obviously some good and bad, but it means that I need to implement a higher level of discipline if I want to maintain or advance a little in my personal musical studies. I would want to make some more serious efforts in 2024 in this area and NOW seems like a good time to start!

That said, motivation is a bit down as I am waiting on my Gola to complete all the necessary touch-ups, but there is a bit of light at the end of this tunnel, as I was promised to have it completed before Christmas, so I have that to kind of cling to.

Inside, though, it is of a source of anxiety for me. The whole event of finding and getting the Gola was a huge event in my life and it was not long after coming home with it that I sent off my Gola for the big checkup, and not having it re-introduces that big hole that I had before it was there… and I am not liking that feeling.

I definitely must be in the honeymoon phase with the Gola.

Just thinking… I must sound like a spoiled brat. Here I am with a collection of some truly fine accordions and I am restraining my studies because of one box not being available for a while… and yet that is completely true… haha!

First week of training has just completed and even a day later, my head is so full of info and data that I am swimming deep in facts, procedures and protocols, so much so that I am wondering how I am going to get it all together in time for the first exam. I usually pass with high scores, so we will just have to do our best and see.

I need a solution to address the time issue, so, I suppose a solution may be that I will again need to start to get up super early to get some time in and as a second or additional option, not come up from the basement after work until a little time with the accordion of choice has been completed.

One or both solutions are smart to consider.

And that now brings me over to another bit of an issue… musical direction. On the digital accordion, choice of music was a bit easier. Playing a Free Bass instrument kind of mandates that one looks more towards classical music. I like both but I think that I’d like to walk a path that is less travelled, in that I am considering a bit of a look backwards a bit. That means that perhaps I would want to use all of my bigger acoustic instruments but go back to my musical roots a little, specifically, move to some old Czech/German music and see where that takes me. It’s more basic, simpler and in a way closer to my beginnings.

Time for a bit of accountability!

We’ll see how the next week or so starts. I believe that if I do commit, I should have at least 1-2 “oldies but goodies” kinds of songs that I can have ready to record for my private viewing stash and who knows, I may even release one to the public eye.

Addendum December 12, 2023

I’ve chosen song #1 and in the last 2 days I’ve put in a little time before and after work and enjoying it. I’m pretty confident I’ll have one song ready for Sunday, and I’ve briefly looked at a 2nd tune and may want to add it, who knows if that is going to be ready for this Sunday as well.

Now, if I didn’t need to memorize the song, that would make it a lot easier, and I am leaning in that direction… but we’ll see.

I’ll check in next week and post an update by Sunday December 17, 2023.

Addendum December 17, 2023

OK, a fail for me this time. As much as I tried, the amount of time for practice required is just not enough to do this kind of a challenge, on top of the fact that Friday no practice, Saturday I was running around all over for family tasks and today (Sunday)… well its 3:30pm as I type this and I just barely have the time to enter this update before I need to go back and help my mom along with the Christmas baking.

Bad news: No video this week.
Good news: Over Christmas with all the baked goods, I will gain at least 5 pounds. Wait… that may not be an all good thing, but it sure is going to be fun tasting everything!

Next week is Christmas, I certainly don’t know if I can, but let’s push it to next Saturday and see if I can make it 2 songs.

Addendum January 1st, 2024

A wildly busy last few days. The accordion related info is that on December 30, 2023 I sat in the car at 3:00 AM and drove to Burlington and back. Between this and the Christmas/New Year craziness, there was simply ZERO time to practice or complete this video. Things are hopefully going to calm down in the 2nd week of January and I will settle down to practicing and finally starting this project.

I’ll stop this post here and pick it up when I have a video ready.