Making Memories

September 18th, 2018

As I start on this article, I must admit a fair bit of excitement!  I am going back to the New England Accordion museum this weekend, one of my most favorite accordion places to visit.

So what is the reason I am going there this time?  Uhhmm… do I really need a reason?

Nope, but it sure doesn’t hurt when there are plenty of incentives… like going back to see a good friend, going to pick up a book that I had some meagre portion of in it’s making, and going to have a little fun participating in an accordion workshop that stars none other than multiple time world class champion, Cory Pesaturo.

For someone with no real reason to go somewhere, I sure have a lot or reasons to go somewhere!  🙂

Not only will I be going to this event as a participant, I am going there as the main videographer for this event, and in my usual “lets do it one little step better” method, I am going to be bringing several tools to help record the event.

There are several more reasons, and I could write an entire blog post on just what a great event this is going to be, so let me just share what I wrote to my friend Paul in an email today:

  • Tell mother she is coming with me: check
  • Hotel room booked: check
  • Recording tools and cameras packed: check
  • Oil and filter changed on car: check
  • Get all excited about this weekend: DOUBLE-CHECK!

I’m ready to make some incredible memories!

This is going to be a multipart blog, so if this is a post that interests you, please visit a couple more times between now and this weekend, when the event s going to happen, I will be splitting up this post in to at least a couple of  parts.

September 23, 2018

I just got in literally 20 minutes ago from coming back home from the NEAM event with Cory Pesaturo, and I had a GREAT time!!

First, the drive there is not horribly long… well not long for me.  I don’t know how many people would sit in their car and drive for 6 hours, much less drive 12 hours in 2 days to listen someone play the accordion… but that’s just how I roll.

I cannot tell you how special it is to talk to my friend Paul and again to visit his accordion museum.  This time, we had more than a dozen other people there that came not to only enjoy his accordions, but to listen to Cory Pesaturo.  The man is a good showman, and is a prime example of a world class musician that is currently at the very top of his game.  Lots of people said that they learned things, and even I myself learned a few things in the short time that the event happened.

We covered many topics, including things like transporting V-accordions and acoustics on planes, best exercises that would take your technique to the next level, styles and ways of playing songs that kind of take one away from the “usual” way of playing music.  Suffice to say that it was all good and everyone had lots of fun and a good time, myself included.

Hopefully I might be adding a video here and on YouTube for the others in the near future… but as of yet, I have not received the OK from Cory as to what parts he wants made available and what parts (if any) to remove.

For now… this was my turn to “enjoy”!