December 28, 2018

Not yet having made an entry for December, I wanted to kind of end 2018 with an upwards swing and decided to record one of my old favorites.  I seem to be playing mostly easy songs lately… probably because I feel that I am starting to slow down, but that is most likely also due to the fact that I simply do not have the time to practice at all.  If I pick up the accordion once or twice a month, that seems like a lot, but not even enough to maintain what little skills I have.  We’ll try to work on that in 2019.

Guantanamera is both one of those lovely songs that if you hear, sticks in your head for hours and if you are Mexican by chance, is the song that helps you identify the “gringos”, because none of us know the rest of the words in Spanish… kind of like La Bamba… haha.

Those of you who have been following, have seen some of my older videos, and will note something a little different and special here… this video has motion, is more dynamic and has a bit more excitement in it than previous videos.  Well, I have been practicing and working hard on my video taking and editing skills, and to date, this one is the video that I like most to date in that aspect.