FR-8x Editor

February 14, 2022

The Roland FR-8x V-Accordion is an amazing piece of kit, and now that I wanted to get more in to programming it (above the small things that I was more or less adjusting), I wanted to use it on buy best computer, the Mac mini M1… however, Roland on their website said that the drivers were not compatible and would not work.

I thought about it a second and with nothing to lose, decided to try it anyway and see for myself. A brief visit to their website confirmed what I was told and that it would not work, but I downloaded the Arranger Driver, then downloaded the V.1.00 editor for the MAC, installed each of them, created an icon for myself on my app bar, and launched the editor. I took a video of this experience:

So, as you can see, not only does it work as well on my Mac Mini M1 as it does on my laptop, it actually looks better as the interface is larger making the settings easier to see.

Time to start using it more… and how about a few more educational videos about how to program your 8X? There may be some coming in the future!