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April 20, 2016

The Elkavox 83 is my second and most preferred instrument for playing anything but classical music.  While the Hohner is my “serious” instrument, the Elka is the “fun” one.  It originally came from the dealer with MIDI installed, however, I don’t think that the standard channels were defined. Traditionally, one sees CH1 as right hand, CH2 as bass and CH3 as chords. 

My Elkavox is set up with CH1 for the right hand, CH2 for the bass and CH4 for the chords.  I am sure that it is configurable somewhere, but I believe that the MIDI board is in the tone generator, not the accordion itself.  I say this because the MIDI cable is attached to the tone generator. Still, the Elka is a beautiful accordion and it is overall of above average quality and sound and though it is after all an analog electrical accordion, it has some of the loveliest sounds that I have heard when compared to other similar accordions.  Of particular note are the lovely organ sounds, a really stunning trumpet and sax and a xylophone effect that is very pleasant.

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With Cassotto, this accordion has an excellent sound and in conjunction with the analog electronics and MIDI make this instrument very capable and versatile.  This is the accordion I use most when recording music, making it more or less my studio accordion (up until I bought the Roland FR-8x!).  🙂

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