Ed Manfredi Accordionist Extraordinaire

July 19, 2017

Today I received a very cool gift from a man I have never met (yet), a man who’s hand I never shook (yet), but is a man that I call a friend. I received a t-shirt from Ed Manfredi, and it is a special one, because it represents a celebration that he will enjoy at a special accordion event in California next month.

Cotatifest is one of the bigger accordion events around with a lot of big names there and though I tried to make it this year, and failed, I hope to go there next year and maybe to watch and cheer on Ed do his magic. I want to first say that Ed and his designers did an awesome job on the t-shirt and the quality is right up there, I will wear it proudly.  As a matter of fact, I am going to the New England Accordion Museum on the weekend of July 22nd, and this will be the perfect thing to wear at this event!

Thank-you Ed!