Cleaning the Brevette

August 23, 2023

Well, I was both a little tired of seeing the little Scandalli Brevette so dusty and a touch dirty, so I spent the last hour or so cleaning her up and getting it ready for the next project… oops thats a little give-away to the coming little video… about the Brevette!

For now, though, that secret stays under wraps… here is a very fast and ugly before and after:

Now it looks at least presentable and I would also like to at this time take note of the fact that it now also has some nice 4″ wide straps of velvet construct… perfect for this accordion.

But wait, weren’t the wide velvet straps used for the Imperator? Yes they were… but that one also got it’s new 4″ wide all leather straps, so now my top 3 bigger accordions all have 4″ wide “elephant straps”, and this Scandalli gets the 4″ wide straps with the velvet material and that is perfect for this weight of accordion and which I completely prefer over anything narrower!

So shiny now!