A Nice Surprise

December 15, 2018

This evening I went in to our mailbox while coming back from work and found a package in it.  Strange, I wasn’t expecting anything in the mail, yet there it was?  I tuck it up under my arm and walk the rest of the way home, eager to see what the contents were, or even if it was for me or not!

I get home, place the package on the table and get a coffee and get lost in a conversation with my mother, momentarily forgetting the package.  After a while, she says “hey, what’s in the package?”, to which I answer that I did not know, and did she order something… “nope”.  I go to the table, flip it over and see my name on it… and then I see that it is from my good friend Paul… and smile.

I rip open the package and pull out the 2 books of music that he sent me as a Christmas present… I am speechless, and show the books to my mother who smiles and says “oh look.. polkas, just what you need in your repertoire!”… we both chuckle and I am forced to agree, that I definitely need a little more alpine in my collection, and I plan to look at each one of these beautiful pieces carefully!

Would you like to know what I think makes life so special?  It’s those few good people that come in to your life and make it joyous.  They are rare, precious and they come to your support not so much when you ask, but when they see that you need a little help.

Thank-you Paul, for being one of those very special friends in my life!