Though this website was created in 2017, Danielle Murray and Mary Comfort of Comfort Kitchens have been making mouths water for years.

A little Bio: Mary and Danielle met at Beamsville District Secondary School and have been friends ever since. They have both traveled the world and lived in very diverse areas, but a few years ago they both ended up back in Niagara where they renewed their friendship and discovered their shared love of cooking.

Danielle lived in Cancun Mexico and Playa del Carmen in the Mayan Riviera, where she learned to love Mexican, and particularly Yucatecan, cuisine. During that time she also lived in St. Maarten and Curacao and managed to travel extensively, stopping to take cooking classes in New Orleans and San Francisco. She opened Off the Vine wine store in Playa with her wine-expert partner Ricardo, and began bi-weekly dinners paired with wines, beer or tequila. The highlight of that time was being complimented by a lovely older gentleman who said that next week he was bringing a group of chefs, a daunting prospect. After he left, she realized that the ‘lovely man’ was Jacques Pepin!

Returning to Niagara to be with her family, she opened Dani’s Bistro and VQA Wine Bar, TripAdvisors #1 restaurant in St. Catharines, which she sold in 2014. Now, instead of running a restaurant, it is all about friendship and the love of cooking.

Mary grew up on Comfort Farm and dreamed of faraway places. She explored the world as a travel professional, eventually settling down in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her house was always filled with international students and she has learned to cook wildly diverse cuisines, maintaining a love for Indian and Middle Eastern dishes. During that time she created and published a cookbook, and never stopped cooking for friends. She is back in Niagara and teamed up with Danielle, and they have been cooking together ever since.

Mary is Gluten Free, and almost everything on our menu is GF, or can be prepared GF –we thicken with potato starch or cornstarch. But please let us know about any allergies or sensitivities so that we can account for them when creating your menu. Ask us about Vegetarian or Vegan dishes as well.

If you need to get in touch with us or have any questions, please place your comments at the bottom of this page and don’t forget to leave us your full name, telephone number and email address so that we can get in touch with you!

If you would like to speak to us, you can give is a call (or text) at:
Danielle: (cell) 905-246-2605
Mary:  (cell) 289-219-1107


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  1. Hi Ladies,
    I saw your. I visited your booth at the Niagara home and garden show last month.

    Today I made soup using your base mix and it is fabulous. How can I purchase more? Thank you.

    St. Catharines


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