Comfort Kitchen, where we live our motto of “FRESH, LOCAL, CREATIVE” everyday and our culinary creators Mary and Danielle create mouth-watering succulence in every bite.

Welcome to our brand new website, where you can check out our events through our BLOG section, take a look at our unique offerings in the Menus section and get to know us and get in touch with us in the ABOUT section.

Closely associated with Comfort Farm, we have access to the freshest Niagara ingredients around. Our Beef Pot Roast has made us famous, but we have become specialists in Vegan and Gluten Free cooking as well. If you need a large catered wedding, a simple cocktail party, or dinners prepared to stock your freezer, we can do it all. You’ll also want to try our deliciously addictive Spiced Candied Bacon!

Please note:  We’re under a little reconstruction.  Please bear with us as we bring things up to date.  Thank-you!