Remastered Tapes

November 11, 2017

In a previous post I talked about finding my old degraded 4-track tapes and I copied them to my computer via my Mackie 1640i mixer and now have digital copies of the songs that were salvageable. Well, I finally had a chance to get through all the tapes and save the ones that I could.  I recall that I recorded 120-150 songs and in the end I have 30 songs saved.  Even with just that, I was happy to have been able to save those memories, and I am now going to present those here!

Even then, in those days, when I recorded a song, it was for two reasons, one was that I always had a point, reason, feature or “sound” goal that I was trying to accomplish.  The second reason was that with the exception of one or two pieces, all of the music here were recorded because someone asked me to make a recording of that song.

I don’t know why, but I never just went and recorded music that I wanted or liked… maybe it was a motivational thing or something and this was due to where I was in life and what music meant to me at the time.

All the music here was made using my Elkavox accordion, Solton Programmer 24 rhythm unit and in a couple of cases, a virtual instrument or two added courtesy of the Yamaha FB-01 sound module.

To hear the song, click on the small triangle on the left side.  To pause click in the same area on the PAUSE sign (double vertical bar button).

So, with no further delays, here is the list of songs that I was able to save!

Bicyclettes de Belsize




Surrender – Yellow Bird

Muzikanty pojde hrat – Czech Potpouri (arr. by JerryPH)

Maria-Mariana (arr. by JerryPH)

Az Budo Trumpety

Parisky Kloucina

Nad Vltavou jsi stmiva (Czech tango)

Spanish Eyes



Light Up My Life

Memories – Send in the Clowns


Wunder ist tine Heimat


Never on a Sunday




Falling in love

Blue Tango

Quiereme Mucho


La Paloma

You don’t have to love me

“Disco-Classical” – From the movie Electric Dreams

Clementi’s Sonatina


5:32 PM 4/10/2016