What’s Free Bass?

Free Bass accordion, is the best choice you can make, if your desire is to get the biggest challenge from your accordion experience!

Before I start on this article, I want to quickly introduce the new addition to the layout of my website. It now has a section dedicated JUST to Free Bass and all articles related to that are placed by themselves there. This is where I document this part of my journey. I suspected that I would have eventually forked out in to this direction on the website and wondered how to best handle it… not many will want to see this part, but will be more interested in the more traditional aspects, so this is the best way to keep my 2 worlds apart… lol

While there are different Free Bass systems, setups and layouts, I’ll mostly talk about my accordion in this section.

In short, a Free Bass accordion has an integrated bass system that is different from the Stradella system. For example, to learn a scale on Stradella, you learn ONE pattern and you have learned all scales. On full sized accordions you have 120 bass buttons.

On my my Free Bass accordion, I have 185 bass, basically a 120 bass with 3 extra rows of single tone notes so that I can play melodies on it, akin to what the left hand can play on a piano, except I am limited to using 4 fingers instead of 5. There are 3 basic patterns that one needs to learn for a Free bass accordion, and instead of 1 octave, one has access to as many as *5* octaves!

Free Bass accordions can be used for any kind of music, but they are primarily an instrument designed for classical music. The function of the left hand now is not just limited to chords but melodic harmonization and can in fact even take over the melody from time to time. The complexity to learn is where the great challenge is, it is WAY harder. Imagine playing a piano accordion on the right hand and the equivalent of a C-system button accordion on the left… THAT is what Free Bass is to me. 🙂

I really enjoy my Roland FR-8X for more traditional work, but I absolutely love the sound and feel of my Hohner for traditional and classical pieces.

This part of my website is all about my journey in Free Bass.

I may never get all that good, but I will have an amazing and fun time learning!

5:32 PM 4/10/2016