Video Editing: The Basics

August 12, 2017

Several months ago back when my friend Ed was wanting to start to make his accordion videos, I kind of pointed him towards using Pinnacle Studio Pro.  Though he did look at other options and was kind enough to run them by me, I was pleased when he decided to stick with the same video editing program that I use and am most familiar with.  I initially chose this application because it was fairly easy to use (to be honest for someone completely new, all video editing apps are a bit daunting), but it does offer a ton of very advanced features that really can add to your videos once you get over the initial hump of the learning curve, and YouTube has a ton of excellent tutorial videos that can take you through the learning process from easy to advanced.

As my form of a thank-you to Ed, I created a series of short educational videos in response to his specific questions in areas he wanted some fill-in info on and I tossed in a few hints to aide him in making his videos a little better.  So, this is my way of taking that info/work and making it public.  Ed has graciously let me use his video for this blog article, and I want to publically thank him for it.  Without him and his consent, I would not have been able to make this article available (well, I could have been a jerk about it, but that’s not how I roll… lol).  Thanks Ed!

A quick note, these videos were not originally designed for the web or anything more serious than Ed’s screen and to help get through the initial break-in period of using a new video editor, so I made them small and easy to send in an 800X600 pixel video size.

Getting Ready

Just a few hints on getting ready, some things to plan for before making your video and other things to not forget while making your video.


How to cut and trim out all the parts of the video that you made that you do not need or want to see.

Titles and Endings

How to introduce yourself, your video and how to end it, just an introduction to some ideas.

File Production

How to choose file format and create the file in preparation to uploading to your chosen delivery medium like YouTube, Vimeo, etc…

Bonus: A Special Effect

How to create a simple and basic “fake multi-angle” view just to spice up your video a little.

5:32 PM 4/10/2016