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April 22, 2016

Here are a few photos of the other three accordions that I own, and their little stories.  Moving chronologically from newer to older, lets start off with the…

Iorio Accorgan S3:

This was the accordion that brought me into the electrical age and I used it and enjoyed a lot.  I used it so much that I wore out the rear chest protector and the bellows where the thigh touches the accordion, show signs of wear.  This one I recall as being a lot of fun.  I did a lot of gigging with this one as well as a ton of family events.  The accordion on it is surprisingly nice, if a little lower on the stated quality level and it had a pleasant sound.  Compared to the following generation, this accordion’s analog side was rather limited and in today’s world, may be considered a bit “electronic” sounding, but in fact, at the time it came out, this accordion was considered state of the art.

Here are a few photos of this accordion, below we have a sliding gallery window with 9 photos in the gallery.  Clicking on the left or right side of the picture moves the gallery forward or backward one picture at a time, or backwards in larger numbers by clicking on the dots underneath the window.  

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I got this one when I was 9 or 10 (1969 or 1970), memory fails me as to the exact date.  Again, this one has a bit of a special story.  My parents found the model they wanted to give to me for Christmas and my uncle (who lived in Austria at the time), drove down to Castelfidardo and picked it up straight from the Scandalli factory in November and when he flew down for a visit to us in Canada (around mid-December), he brought it with him.  Another wonderful gift from my parents!

Today this very accordion is in the possession of my aunt who plays a little.  Indeed, I am a little thankful for that, as if it had gone anywhere else I likely would not have had any pictures of it.  As it is, I had the chance to go for a visit and let her take it out for me so that I could have a few pictures of it for posterity.

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Titan (Titano):

This is where it officially started for me… this is the accordion that my parents bought for me back in 1965 when they decided to start me up officially on the accordion, comlete with lessons.  I outgrew it fairly quickly and then went to a full sized Scandalli accordion that again looked ridiculously huge on me (my aunt owns that accordion today), but that never slowed me down at all.  In fact, if anything, it prepared me for the even bigger Hohner that was a much heavier instrument than even the Scandalli was.  This one has been a family heirloom since the moment it was replaced!

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As old as this accordion is, it still looks and plays perectly… I am impressed by the quality that this accordion has shown over the decades.  Think about it… as I write this post, this accordion is 51 years old and is still in near perfect tune!!


Mundinger Etude:

This accordion was originally my sister’s, however, she never had a real interest in accordions, her instrument of choice was drums… where she annoyed the heck out of me by playing along when I was trying to practice.  I cannot recall how many times I screamed out the traditional “MOOOOOM… MAKE HER STOP!”… hahaha!

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5:32 PM 4/10/2016