Mild to Wild #2 is out!

August 8, 2019

Well, its taken over a year, but life finally gave me the opportunity to complete the 2nd video in this series of videos that I want to do on the Roland FR-8X V-Accordion!

In this video, the topic of discussion covers the 8 main buttons that permit the Roland V-Accordionist the basics to select various sounds and how to layer them.  The video includes a section on just the theory of how the buttons work (I bet mane people will learn at least ONE new thing about this area!), and then displays easy practical examples of the just explained theory section.

I also include in the prelude a warning of the dangers of charging and playing the V-Accordion at the same time.  This was something that has damaged many V-Accordions of other people in the past and really something that I wanted to put in to #1, but somehow it slipped my mind at the time.  Must be age… ha-ha.

In this video, I came up against two challenges… 1. how to setup the accordion and cameras for the right hand section, and 2. how to do something as effectively for the left hand side.  I had a couple of mishaps (the lapel mic that I used failed and had to be repaired, but I lost the audio for the first part, and had to use the camera audio from the Sony camcorder for that and had to do a couple of retakes as the bulb from my lighting burned out and needed to be replaced), nothing big just stuff that added to the delays.  It all turned out OK in the end, I believe… and I still have TONS of fodder for the next video… heck, we’re just getting started and I will do everything that I can to avoid making people wait another year for this next one!

Here is the video:



5:32 PM 4/10/2016