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Music (public)

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Almost every one of my songs has a tiny story behind it, each song has a reason to be here… sometimes I share the story, sometimes I don’t. Every song here in some way moves me, speaks to me inside. Here you may listen to me as I play these songs.

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Protected: Music (private)

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In this section I store my old private stuff, things that I don’t particularly want to share with anyone except myself. Think of this as more of a passworded, private and personal archive.

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Bayan Recital

Posted by on Nov 17, 2016 in Songs | 0 comments

My first time hearing a Russian Bayan Free Bass accordion… and a grand time it was! Here is that experience from my point of view.

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Remastered Tapes

Posted by on Nov 11, 2017 in Songs, Stories | 0 comments

The story of my lost and now found and remastered 4-track tapes!

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Christmas Music

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Remember those old analog 4-track recordings I had brought back a little while ago?  Here are a few of the Christmas songs that I had recorded all those decades ago.

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