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The Wedding of Pam and Doug

A very small but very beautiful wedding!  The church chosen was a very small place that was absolutely amazing… totally out of the way in central Montreal.  So out of the way, that it was a five minute walk from one of my clients, and I never even realized this beautiful place was even there!  The location of the reception was also just special… in Kahnawake, just south of Montreal in a large log cabin restaurant.

I must say that Doug is master of the art of being a gentleman and Pam is the epitomy of sweetness and sincerity and such a wonderful personality that one cannot help but love this couple  from the first instant you meet them!  Though I was not the primary photographer of this wedding, I was blessed with the opportunity to take a few photos and enjoy the evening at a lower stress level than I normally would had I been the primary.  Just the same, I did enjoy every moment of the evening and I must thank my friend Kris for calling me in to back him up and I must thank Pam and Doug for enduring me as the photographer in me came out a little stronger than I wanted it to at times… lol

Here are a few captured moments of the day:

Nyka - January 21, 2012 - 6:36 am

I am so happy for Pam and her familiy the pictures were excellent lighting was nice you got everyone smilling great job Jerry

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