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My Dad and some photo tests

One of the nice things in my photography is that I often get new equipment.  In some cases, I get equipment even before it is available to the public and I get a chance to test and play with it.  In this case, I had purchased some new remote flash triggers and wanted to do some testing, but also became a beta tester for this company and was doing some distance and portrait testing.

My time was very limited as the location where I was shooting was being borrowed to me by a very kind fellow strobist and photographer, Mike Tavares.  Basically all I did was 2 test locations, one in a hallway to measure distances that the triggers fired, and they went pretty darn far at over 120 feet.  This test was very successful, though a little boring, to be honest.

The second test was two phased.  One aspect was to test the equipment and the second was to see how fast this new setup permitted me to change lighting setups in between poses.  I basically tried 8 different lighting setups (not all shown here), and just kept a rough time estimate of how long it took for me to accomplish.  With my old setup, it took about 5-10 minutes in between each setup to move the lights and dial in the new power settings.  With the new equipment, it took me under 3 minutes to make those same changes!  In the end, the equipment worked very well and on top of it, time saved dialing in the new lighting settings was dramatically better.  This means more time spent shooting and less time spent dialing in the equipment for that look that I desire.  Win-win for everyone!

Here are a couple photos of my father that was my model and assistant for this day.  As always, a big thanks to him for his help!

Kaye - January 31, 2011 - 7:13 pm

These are fantastic Jerry. You Dad makes a great model.

delboy - February 1, 2011 - 2:00 pm

I think your Dad’s and concert photo’s are great. Why don’t you show more of your photo’s on the forum? I for one do enjoy others good photography.



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