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Meet Jenn!

Jennifer (Jenn as she likes to be called) is one of those special people that is just naturally charismatic, bubbly, and very full of energy, and I am going to have the pleasure of doing her wedding this May 14th, 2011.  On December 10th, she and her charming mother came to my home to sign and then mentioned in passing that her church is doing a Christmas event and that she was singing in it.  She graciously invited not only me, but my parents as well.   We could not we pass up the chance to listen to her and so the following day we went.  I must say, she is very gifted and has a truly beautiful singing voice!

It is rare that I go somewhere without my camera, and I was glad that I did, because Jenn and I  had about 15 minutes before she had to be on stage so we went to the gym and a small rest area and took a few quick photos.  Before I could really get into my groove, time was up and Jen had to leave to prepare for the show.  In that short time, I had the pleasure to get to know Jenn a little better and that knowledge will serve me well in the future when I do their engagement session and wedding photos.

I am blessed to be a part of Jenn and her fiancee Devin’s most special day and look forward to the event… which of itself is so unique and takes place in a series of events starting with her Sealing (wedding ceremony), in Boston Massachusetts, USA and ends with the reception in Montreal, Quebec, Canada… all on the same day!

Because they were not permitted during the performance, the only chance that I had to take some photos were in that brief time just before the performance.  Here are the photos that we took during those brief moments.

Devin Roth - December 12, 2010 - 11:48 pm

Wow! Jenn looks super sexy. She’s going to make some guy really happy.

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