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Lynda and Carlos – Wedding

Lynda and Carlos are a special couple… and did not meet and fall in love in your typical manner such as in a bar or introduced by friends or family… they met on the competitive  field of a basketball court.  In that first game, Lynda already set the stakes by beating Carlos and from there came that first seed that grew in to love  ( Ok, Carlos beat her at a later game… just had to stay that… ha-ha!). 

Since the relationship started in a gym, there is no more fitting location to have their ceremony than in a gym, which they themselves decorated with the help of friends and family (even my father briefly assisted Carlos’ brother with the decorations),  and this was where they decided to exchange rings, have their reception and celebrate with friends and family.

This couple is of the Mormon religion and therefore presented me with a couple of new challenges.  First, in a temple, there are absolutely no photos permitted inside, and on top of that, not being of the Mormon faith myself, I was not permitted to enter the temple to watch the actual wedding ceremony, so my assistant Kris and I waited outside and set up the lighting equipment to overcome the very harsh direct sunlight.  Before the bride came out, she changed into her wedding dress that her new husband had never seen, so we blindfolded him and his son with a graciously borrowed ties… and this was the first time he saw his wife in her wedding dress. 

I’ll now let the photographs tell the story of their day, but not before wishing them a long and happy marriage filled with joy and wonderful surprises enough to fill their very generous hearts.  Lynda and Carlos, I wish you the very best… congratulations!!

The day before the wedding our couple was up till near midnight getting the location decorated:

The following morning, Carlos and his family get ready for the big day:

Not even 10 minutes drive away, Lynda, her friends and family were getting ready as well.

At the Temple, we blindfolded Carlos and his son, so that the first thing he saw, was Lynda in her wedding dress, which Carlos had never seen:

Driving to where the reception is being held:

Waiting a few moments until the guests were seated, our couple was placed in a private room to await the signal to start the ceremony… there was a piano in there and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Carlos could play… and play he did, an original that Lynda herself wrote as she played as well!

A little last second practicing of their first dance, before going out there and performing it in front of everyone:

Time for cutting the cake:

Now, lets have that first dance and get everyone into the party mood!:

Rose - October 18, 2010 - 4:56 pm

Very impressive. Love the photos

Kristofor Jensen - October 24, 2010 - 8:29 am

Great shots! The wedding was a blast and you’ve captured it very well.

I did find one little personal easter egg…apparently my daughter, Olivia, decorated the chalkboard by the piano! 😀

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