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Karkaos at the Petite Campus

I was called in again to take photos of KARKAOS, my fav heavy metal band.  This night, they were just screaming HOT and tore up the place and laid to rest all claims of who was the top band in house that night while in competition with other bands on the very same evening.  The evening was touched with a bit of sadness, as their keyboardist Michel was performing his last time with his friends.  Not to be outdone, Michel ripped out a solo that had girls on their knees and some guys with their hands over their hearts and others waving the “you’re #1” at him at the climax of his performance.

These kids are good… and getting better every time I hear them.  I’m not ordinarily a heavy meta kind of guy… but Karkaos has my ear and a special place in my heart.

Here are some pics of that evening:


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