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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve put this here to try to answer questions that I get asked the most often.  Have a question that you feel should be here?  Email me at !

What is the best way for me to contact you?

I can be reached at 514-512-4275 or … in all communications please include your telephone number and/or email address.  The more details you give me, such as the date of your special day, and requrements like hours needed, albums, etc… will make our conversation easier.

We don’t know what to do, can you “pose” us?
At the start of any session, everyone is a little nervous, but don’t worry, this is very normal.  Anytime someone is in front of my camera, I want to try to capture your personality, or essence, so I almost never try to pose you, it is often not natural and not very comfortable.

However, at the start of any session, if you need guidance, I do make suggestions and give you ideas.  I want you to take the positions that represent you and come naturally to you, and not make you look like someone else.

Of course, there are times when some people just need a little extra help or some ideas.  In those cases, I may place you in positions that are complimentary and you become comfortable.  Over a very short period of time, you and your body start to take positions that are natural and your personality starts to come out.   I then offer fewer specific ideas and just guide you lightly.  This is when the nicest photos happen.

No matter how nervous you are at the start, it takes me about 5-10 minutes to make that nervousness go away and replace it with having fun.  The more fun you have, the better the photos turn out, so I make sure you have a lot of fun!

What is an E-Session?
The term “E-Session” stands for an Engagement Session.  This is a photo session of about 2-4 hours that happens before the date of your wedding (any day before the wedding date is  acceptable… some will have their E-Session at a different time of year to make more dramatically varied photos.  For example, E-Session photos in the late fall and wedding photos in the summer or visa-versa).  It involves taking photos of you before your wedding and is where I like to start the story telling leading up to your special day.

These sessions are a little less formal than the wedding day session.  Comfortable clothes can be worn and a more relaxed atmosphere is the order of the day.  E-Sessions to me are very important… this is where you and I get to know each other better, where you see how I work and then on the day of your wedding, I am not just “the photographer”, I am your friend Jerry, who you now know well and how I work.  This makes you much more comfortable, and therefore makes the entire process so much better.

I use E-Sessions to not only offer you great photos, but this is where I learn about you also… what makes you smile, what motivates you, how you move, what poses make you look your very best and how you interact with your partner.  I use all this information on the day of the wedding to create the very best photos from you and your partner and give you the best quality results possible.

So what should you wear?  I do have a few suggestions to give you the best photographic results.  These are:
– wear anything with stripes
– wear anything with strong patterns
– wear the same identical clothes (you are a couple, not twins 🙂 )
– wear baggy clothes as they will not compliment your form (thats a nice way of saying it will make you look fat 🙂 )
– wear anything sleeveless (that goes for the guys too!)

– try to coordinate colours.  make sure you each compliment the other in a fashionable manner.
– wear a little make-up that makes you look awesome for the camera (for the ladies)
– try to accessorize with things like jewelry, different shoes, scarves, or flowers in your hair
– for the men accessorize may mean a loose tie, jeans with a nice jacket, a ring, wrist bracelet or watch.
– play a guitar, flute, sax or other easily portable instrument?  Bring it!  Leave the grand piano at home… ha-ha.
– both love a sport that you both watch or play like football, baseball or soccer?  Bring that ball, bat or something that identifies that sport!
– talk to me and get more suggestions and ideas, I am here to help you as much as possible!

Finally, please consider bringing two changes of clothes, one more relaxed look and one more along the lines of what you would wear on your average nice evening out on the town.  No need to go wear a tux and ballroom dress, we want you to be you and feel natural and be yourselves (unless you happen to *be* ballroom dancers, in which case, go for it!).  The most important thing to remember is to be yourselves, have fun and enjoy the process.

What is A Boudoir Session?
A boudoir session is a series of very intimate photos that one partner does for the viewing pleasure of the other.  It always happens at the client’s home or an elegant location that the client has prepared for the session in advance.  Boudoir sessions are private affairs, but for the comfort of our clients, I strongly suggest you have a friend present, someone you are comfortable with.  I also bring a lady with me to assist and be present for all our lady clients and a male assistant for all my male clients.  I make sure to do everything possible so that the session is of the highest professional standards and that all my clients feel safe and comfortable.  There are no boudoir sessions with only a photographer and a subject alone… ever. Boudoir sessions last approximately 1-2 hours.

What is a Post Wedding Formals Session?
Sometimes the demands of the day do not permit an adequate time to do formal photos, so this is a photo session similar to the E-session (see above), but you have taken the time and effort to dress the same as you were on your wedding day.  We then dedicate a date not too distant after your wedding day and an appropriate amount of time in a location of your choosing or my suggesting, and take what are the equivalent of your formal wedding day photos.

Most of the time, this involves only the bride and the groom, however, some latitude is possible and we can include other bridal party members to be a part of this session.  In this way, if the demands of your special day did not offer you the opportunity to get those wonderful formal photos that we all love, you can still get them, just without the pressures of any time constraints.  Post Wedding Sessions last approximately two hours.

What is a Trash The Dress Session?

This is a photo session that happens after the wedding.  First of all, a TTD (Trash The Dress) session does not necessarily mean you completely destroy your wedding dress… unless you want it to!  It can mean that you will not mind getting it a little dusty, dirty or wet while going into a unique and  interesting location that can offer us the opportunity to take photos in a stunning location, with a stunningly dressed couple in a manner that is completely in style with your tastes and level of daring.

Suggestions can be in places like beaches, forests, abandoned buildings covered in graffiti, in the snow, on a farm, in an industrial area or anything that you can practically think up!  I once did a TTD where we poured bright water soluble paints over a very daring lady, and the results were *incredible*!  This is your time to extend your imagination, do what YOU want to do with your loved one in the way that YOU want and make photos that are so stunning and so unique that only YOU can have anything like this in the WHOLE world!

Don’t want to pour paint on your wedding dress but want to do it over another dress?  No problem!  Here, the only rules that exist, are the ones that you want to set… same thing for how far you want to take it.  How daring and imaginative are you?  Thats how unique I will make your photos!  TTD sessions last anywhere from 2-4 hours.

Do you offer packages with videography as well?

I do, at an extra cost.  I partner with an excellent professional and experienced wedding photographer and we can offer packages with both photo and digital content.  I do not offer only videography by itself.

Do you own a studio?

No, I do not own a studio, but I can access one for your needs easily enough.  The one I speak of, is a Montreal based professional quality studio with a large shooting area, easily large enough to take photos of up to 4-6 people or more at a time.

With available black, white or coloured paper backdrops, separate changing and make-up areas, you have all the conveniences that a pro studio offers.  We do not provide any specific props or clothing, but if you have any that you like, please feel free to bring them.  Photos in a studio environment come at an extra cost.

Do you provide make-up services as part of your studio package?

I do, but at extra cost.  However, I suggest that you either do it yourself or use your own makeup artist for many reasons such as the fact that they may know you and your needs more intimately and it would save you money over using mine, who is very good, but as mentioned, is an extra cost.

Do you work out of a commercial office space?


Like many professional wedding photographers today, I work from my home.  Not having the additional costs of high rent, insurance and other miscellaneous business costs associated with a commercial office space, saves me a lot of money… and those savings go right back to you by me being able to offer you the lowest prices without sacrificing quality.  On top of that, when you call me after hours, unless I am actually out there photographing, the chances are very high that you will still be able to speak to me directly and not some silly answering machine (I hate answering machines, don’t you?).

A small caveat… after normal business hours, I transfer my business line to my personal home phone.  Please do not be offended if I answer with a bright “hello!” instead of the more business-like “good-day, Jerry PH Photography!”… just ask for Jerry!  🙂

What kind of files come on your DVD and what are the restrictions to it’s use?
In all my packages, you receive a DVD with the fully edited and processed JPG files in two formats, the first format is the large size JPG with no watermark, the second format is a smaller size of the same photos for all your internet use (Facebook, Myspace, flickr,  Twitter, etc…) and contains a small unobtrusive watermark.  When signing my contract, you agree to certain restrictions (which I always explain in great detail).  Upon accepting the DVD, you are granted a LIMITED USAGE RIGHTS contract, meaning you may legally print any of the photos on the DVD and you may freely distribute any photo on the DVD to friends and family.  JerryPH Photography always retains all rights and copyright ownership to any and all photos we take.

So what are you not allowed to do?
– you are NOT allowed to modify or change any photo on the DVD with the exception of cropping or resizing for the purposes of printing a specific format.
– you are NOT allowed to sell the DVD or any photo from that DVD.
– you are NOT allowed to publish any photo to any publication, online or in print (world-wide restriction)
– you are NOT allowed to make any profit from any photo on the DVD

Should you wish to profit from, sell or publish your photos, it can be done only with the written permission of myself (Jerry).

Do we get the original RAW files as well?

No, JerryPH Photography never offers access to the original RAW files.  The reason for this is that one of the main reasons our photos have the style that you love and chose us as your photographer for, lies in the unique manner in which we process and edit our RAW files.  Another reason is that RAW files, straight from the camera are always in need of at least some processing and the format is proprietary and not accessible with all editing programs.

Since it is against our policy to release nothing but the best and final products to the client in a manner that is representative of our company’s highest standards, RAW files are never available to our clients under any circumstance.