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Christening of Joseph

This event took place in Niagara Falls and was very special… the christening of Joseph Wilson Stewart.  At almost the last minute, I was honored to have been asked to photograph this event.  I must say, the service at the church was both touching and unique.  The party afterwards was even more incredible, with food and drink that was delicious and the attending company was extremely jovial!

Let’s let some of the photos that I took that day tell a little of this most special story as it happened.


Janine Tremblay - November 13, 2012 - 2:42 pm

Good day Mr. Jerry. We were surfing the internet looking for a photographer when we found your website. Your photos are wonderful! We have a baptism coming soon and we would like you to contact us. Our email is included above.
Thank-you! Janiine Tremblay

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