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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Extreme Cheerleaders!

My first time taking photos of cheerleaders and my luck, I had one of the best and most talented girls in the world in front of my cameras.  Time was very tight as they were preparing for a competition the very next day, and getting ready for the soon to come world championships in Orlando […]

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Karkaos at the Petite Campus

I was called in again to take photos of KARKAOS, my fav heavy metal band.  This night, they were just screaming HOT and tore up the place and laid to rest all claims of who was the top band in house that night while in competition with other bands on the very same evening.  The […]

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Confirmations, a Special Time

When a friend and fellow photographer asks you to photograph a special time in his family, one can only be touched and honored.  Kris’ daughter Aleah was having her confirmation that day and even though I had a photo session scheduled later that afternoon, I was glad to have made the trip over to his […]

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Ladies and Babys!

When a friend of mine told me that a friend of hers is looking for a photographer to capture a special time in her life, I right away knew I wanted to do this session.  The mother recently estranged from her boyfriend, her baby child less than a month after a serious operation and a […]

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